Wishing Star Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses between the ages of 3 and 21, living in Eastern and Central Washington and Idaho. A child does not need to be terminal to qualify for a wish.

In 1983, Wishing Star was created to empower children and families to face their medical treatments and the loneliness associated with being sick. Wishing Star’s mission is to provide wish kids with hope through uplifting and rejuvenating experiences refocusing on the joy of life and to provide lasting support and memories for wish families. Wishes provide laughter and respite from everyday challenges. Studies have shown that children who receive the promise of a wish participate better in their treatment plan and have a better outlook on life.

On average, Wishing Star grants 40 wishes each year. Every week in our service area, another child is being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. In June 2014, a Circle of Friends Monthly Giving campaign was created to increase our outreach so that every child is being found and served.

Over the past 33 years, over 1,260 wishes have been granted. Wishes are unique and different to every child. Some examples of more common wishes include Disneyworld, therapy rooms, van lifts, and swimming with dolphins. Some more unique wishes include riding in a NASCAR, meeting an origami master, attending NY Fashion week, and getting married!

On average, wishes cost $5,000 out of pocket. With that $5,000, Wishing Star leverages another $3,500 in the community through in-kind goods and services. Wishing Star funds wishes through fundraisers, individual and business contributions, and planned giving. Eighty-six percent of every dollar donated to Wishing Star goes directly to granting wishes.

Wish Process

  • Fill out a referral form
  • Program Director receives referral form and sends initial contact paperwork to the family.
  • Family returns initial contact paperwork which includes authorization to speak with the child’s doctor.
  • A qualification form is sent to the child’s doctor. This form determines whether the child is eligible to receive a wish. Once the qualification form is returned, the family is notified of the results.
  • If the child is approved, Wishing Star pairs trained volunteers also known as Wish Conductors, with the family.
  • Wish conductors have a wish visit with the family where they get to know the child and their passions. Hopefully a wish can be determined after the visit. Once the wish is approved by the Executive Director, the family is notified of the wish.
  • Due to the uniqueness of each wish, the process from here on out varies from child to child.
Orphans child education

If you filled out a referral form and would like updated information on the status, please contact Andrea at 509-744-3411.