Current Wishes

If you can help with any of these wishes, please contact us at (509) 744-3411, or by emailing!

Wish List

Our goal is to get 50% of every wish donated (through in-kind donations). To do this, we need help from businesses and individual donors! If you would like to help grant a wish by donating directly to it, below is a list of items we are currently in need of.  If you can help with any of these items, please contact our Program Director, Andrea Kilgore at (509) 744-3411 or by email at

Airline Miles: for upcoming travel wishes.

Hotel Points: for upcoming travel wishes.

Vacation Rentals for families on wish trips.

Gas Cards

Car Rentals

Activities for travel (i.e. plane rides and car rides)


Noah’s wish is to meet Elon Musk. We are asking everyone to share his story with the hashtag #NoahforElonMusk on social media, so that his story can reach Elon. Below is a transcript of the speech Noah gave at our recent Wishes & Wine event, where he tells his story and explains his wish.



James has Koolen De Vries Syndrome. For his wish, James is going to Walt Disney World to attend Mickey’s Not-So-Spooky Halloween Party with his family.


Levi has a chronic lung disease. His wish is to swim with dolphins and stay at Give Kids the World Village in Florida. His trip is planned for November 2019.


Jake is excited to go on his Wish trip to Disney World in January 2020. Jake has Down syndrome and is nonverbal, but he always finds a way to communicate with the people around him. 


Eli is a very happy little boy who loves everyone. He is fighting against the effects of Hydrocephalus and several other challenging circumstances. Eli’s Wish is to visit the newly opened Star Wars Land at Disney World.


Piper has Downs Syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes. She loves watching movies and taking care of her dogs. Piper’s Wish is to go to Give Kids The World Village in Florida. GKTW is an 84-acre, nonprofit resort that provides weeklong vacations to children with critical illnesses and their families


Kevin “Boomer” is dealing with Arnold-Chiari Malformation. He likes video games, Harry Potter and YouTube. Boomer’s wish is to visit Smosh Studios in LA.


Molly has quadriplegia and is tracheostomy/ventilator dependent. She is still deciding on a wish but thinks she would like to meet YouTube star LaurenZSide.


Benjamin has Hydrocephalus. He loves watching Magic School Bus, singing Wheels on the Bus and riding on any kind of bus. The KXLY Extreme Team is teaming up with Wishing Star to turn an old bus into a backyard play space for Benjamin. The project is set to begin in April 2020. 


Ember is battling stage three kidney disease. She loves horseback riding and playing with her puppy. Her wish is to visit Hawaii with her family.


Oaklee has a rare liver disease. She loves watching the Ninja Warrior series, and her wish is to have a course built in her backyard.


Jazzy has stage four soft tissue cancer. Her hobbies include horseback riding and doing makeup. We are looking forward to seeing what Jazzy’s wish will be.


Hope loves to barrel race, watch scary movies and Criminal Minds, and play video games. She has Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, which is characterized by cancer of the large intestine. Hope hasn’t decided on a wish yet, but we are excited to see what it will be.


Julia has a rare form of epilepsy. She loves being in the water, and part of her Wish is to have a new bathtub installed that better suits her needs.