After the Wish

What is After the Wish?

Wishing Star believes in staying with families long after their wish is granted! The After the Wish program is the heartbreaking event of a Wish Kid’s passing. If that occurs, the Wishing Star Foundation is here to support the families by offering financial assistance with funeral arrangements, grief counseling and other opportunities that support healing for the family. Losing a child, a sibling and a family member is absolutely devastating. When we lose someone in our Wishing Star family we all grieve! 

How you can help!

Are you interested in providing support for After the Wish?

Wishing Star supports our families through these tough times to the best of our ability. Then after some time for healing has passed, we like to bring families together. This might be a weekend excursion to honor the family member lost, or simply a getaway to find some relaxation. The After the Wish program varies by family, but is useful to all. 

Here are some ideas on how you can support this program:

  • Provide Flight Vouchers & Mileage Points
  • Donate Restaurant Gift Certificates
  • Donate Services (such as a Spa Day, Boating, etc.)
  • Offer Vacation Rentals & Support Travel Experiences
  • Financial Donation (no donation is too small as every bit helps)

To learn more about how you can help provide these opportunities please contact our Program Coordinator at (509) 744-3411 or click on below button to contact us by email at

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