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1 Staff – Wishing Star Foundation


Profile pic 1 (2)

Executive Director

Lonna Smith


Lonna attended the University of Idaho and Whitworth University, earning her degree in Secondary Education. She brings with her over 18 years’ experience in nonprofit development and leadership. As the mother of a “Wish kid”, Lonna understands the challenges our Wishing Star families face. Her first hand experience has ignited her committment to assist these families as they navigate the difficulties of a life threatening diagnosis. She is the mom of three (Parker, Dillon and Grace) and treasures her time with her family. She loves to scuba dive and travel to locations with sun, sand and surf. Lonna is passionate about serving her community and strives to be a positive force in the lives of others.


Director of Community Partnerships & Development

Cindy Guthrie


Cindy has a journalism and political science degree from the University of Colorado. After many years in the advertising business, she has found her heart devoted to the children in our community. Cindy became involved in a past wish and was so inspired she decided to join the Wishing Star team full time. As a member of Rotary 21, she has chaired Foster Kidfest as well as participated on the Civic Affairs Committee and International Services Committee. Cindy loves to ski, travel, spend time on the lake and is excited about serving our community and making a difference one wish at a time.

WS Website Photo

Administrative Director

Amanda Bucholz (Norman)


Amanda earned her degrees in Human Resource Management as well as Management & Leadership from Portland State University (Portland, Oregon). In her youth, her younger brother was diagnosed with cancer which ignited her passion to help individuals and families who face similar struggles. She originally started as a Wish Conductor with Wishing Star to help make children’s wishes a reality, which led to her becoming part of the Wishing Star Foundation office team. As a devoted wife and mother she enjoys spending time with her family, taking her Boston Terrier’s for walks, and traveling as much as possible. 

profile picture

Program Coordinator

Avery De La Rosa


We are thrilled to welcome our newest staff member Avery to our Wishing Star office team!

Avery has over twelve years of experience working in leadership for non-profit organizations. She has worked in caps putting on events for kids, volunteering for kids with special-needs, and she has worked in the university setting helping students envision and accomplish their goals. With a heart for children and those in need, she has dreamt of joining the Wishing Star team for some time. Avery enjoys signing, crafting and spending time with family in her free time. Avery is very excited to work with Wishing Star and to see what this team can accomplish together!

Jane Mathistad

Programs Volunteer

Jane Mathistad

Jane has been a vital part of the Wishing Star team for many years! She is a devoted volunteer and knowledgeable resource. The Wishing Star Foundation is lucky to have amazing volunteers, but Jane is truly part of our staff. 

Paula Perez

Staff Volunteer

Paula Perez

Paula has been a shinning star on the Wishing Star team for many years! She participates in all of our events and works weekly to ensure we stay up to date with communication. The Wishing Star Foundation is fortunate enough to have exceptional volunteers, but Paula is truly part of our staff. 

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