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1 Send A Friend A Goat™ – Wishing Star Foundation

Send a Friend a Goat™
will be "baaaaaack" for it's 16th year in 2021!

Meet Willy the Wishing Star Send a Friend a Goat™ Mascot!

Send a Friend a Goat™ will be coming to you in Spokane the Tri-Cities AND in the virtual world in April/May 2021!

Send a Friend a Goat is brought to you by the Wishing Star Foundation. Wishing Star fosters hope, community, and lasting memories by granting wishes to children with a terminal or life-threatening illness and supporting their families beyond the wish.

We will begin looking for our “Goat Wrangler” volunteers for the 2021 Send a Friend a Goat campaign soon!

Last years Goat Wrangler Trophy went to Samantha Castle!
Check out the video below!

Want to get involved?

We are looking for sponsors NOW and will open ticket sales soon!

Looking for some Frequently Asked Questions? Follow the link below:

Send A Friend A Goat

If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at sendafriendagoat@wishingstar.org

For best results, please use Google Chrome when placing your order.

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