Wishing Star Provides Hope for Fighting a Life-Threatening Illness


Getting married is an exciting, anxious time: The spouses-to-be are sucked into a whirlwind of flowers and cake, white tulle and photographers, music and stationery, and a seemingly endless array of decisions. The groom, bride, and their families enjoy the anticipation of the big day, and it was no different for 21-year-old Randy.

What was different for Randy was that he was fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. His wish was to marry his girlfriend on the Oregon coast, but his doctors told him his prognosis was almost/near terminal, and travel would be impossible. Randy wouldn’t take no for an answer and responded with, “Well, I guess I have to get better then.” With his wish in the works, Randy felt hope for fighting his life-threatening illness.

Within months of being told he wouldn’t be able to travel, Randy’s counts were up and he was able to 4229marry his fiancée on the Oregon beach. Against all odds, Randy is now cancer-free and has been for four years. There is no tangible data to explain the miracle of Randy’s life, but 89% of doctors, nurses, and health professionals believe that a wish experience can influence a person’s physical health.

Help us grant more wishes and provide hope to those experiencing life-threatening illnesses by donating today.

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Wishing Star Provides Hope for the Future


Langston Hughes’ well-known poem “Harlem” asks the question of what happens to a dream deferred. The unfulfilled dream is described as smelly, crusty, and saggy. The weight of the shelved dream bears down on a person and is a constant reminder of what will never be. This imagery is no more evident than in the eyes of a sick child, whose dream of tomorrow is bound by the realities of today.

When you support Wishing Star, you bring a sick child hope for future dreams. He gets to think about what he wants to be when he grows up. She gets to picture the places she’ll see. Imaginations run wild as the child hopes for the future, and the best part is that these children’s dreams really DO come true!

Eleven-year-old Tyler wanted to meet the heroes who responded to the September 11th attacks on New York City. Wishing Star arranged for him and his family to fly to NYC and meet countless firefighters Tyler picturewho risked their lives that fateful time in 2001. Tyler became an honorary firefighter for the day, and he even got to meet the NYFD Chief. Because of his wish experience, Tyler wants to be a firefighter when he grows up-a dream that he’s held tightly for the past eight years since his wish.

Wishing Star has made it easier than ever to help make a sick child’s dream come true. With our Circle of Friends program, you can make automatic monthly donations that will help a child like Tyler see his dreams come alive. Please click the “DONATE” button below to make a donation and sign up for our e-newsletters.

YOU can provide hope in a seemingly hopeless time. YOU can inspire a child to plan for the future. YOU can take a child’s deferred dream, dust it off, and witness something truly amazing: a dream fulfilled.
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Wishing Star Brings Relief from Everyday Medical Stresses

We can sometimes forget how easy many of us have it. Our worries may revolve around buying a new pair of running shoes, getting to work on time, finding the perfect birthday present for a friend, or whether your child will get good grades this quarter.lacey2

But imagine if your worries included the dilemma of whether to pay your mortgage or a huge hospital bill for your child’s chemotherapy. Or getting to a doctor’s appointment on time, finding the perfect wheelchair that fits in your car, or whether your child will get good results on his next blood test. Your life would be a lot more chaotic and tense, which is why Wishing Star brings relief from everyday medical stresses experienced by families that have a child with a life-threatening condition.

Six-year-oldSanDiegoTrip148_s2 Quinn’s mother and father would love it if they only had to worry about writing out a grocery list. Instead, their lives are consumed with doctor appointments, hospital stays, medication treatments, and blood testing. Quinn suffers from a mitochondrial disorder that gives him a life expectancy of only about 12 years. His parents constantly worry about his health, future, and how much time they’ll have left with their precious son.

Unfortunately, all of this stress hurt Quinn’s siblings and the family as a whole. When Quinn was referred to Wishing Star, his parents were keeping him in a figurative bubble, afraid to do anything that might risk his already-fragile health. All of that changed, however, almost 1,500 miles away on the sunny beaches of Southern California.

Quinn and his family went on a wish trip to San Diego in the summer of 2012. With nothing on their agenda but having fun, the family enjoyed playing on the beach, sightseeing along the coast, riding in a helicopter, and swimming with dolphins. This trip gave the family a break from all of the medical stresses that surrounded them, and Quinn’s parents realized that by placing all of their focus on keeping their son healthy, they had unintentionally hurt their family.

After returning home, Quinn’s parents vowed that their family would make it a priority to haveSea World 3 more fun. They planned weekly family dates with the sole purpose of enjoying each others company. As Quinn’s mother puts it, “I want Quinn’s life to be a celebration, and our job is to love him until it’s time to let him go.”

We know that most people can’t afford to give thousands of dollars to grant a wish; that’s why we’re not asking you to do that. Instead we’re asking you to forgo a latte four times a month, and commit the money you save to Wishing Star. Please become a part of our Circle of Friends monthly giving program and help sick kids (and their families) get relief from their medical stresses.

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