Levi’s Wish

Levi orange chair

Meet Levi

Levi is 7 years old and dreams of exploring the great outdoors! He lives in Port Ludow, Washington and would love to have a track chair so he can go outside and enjoy hiking and camping with his family and friends. Levi was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and Chiari Malformation ll. This track chair is one that will grow with him, providing him a lifetime of memories and adventure! As Levi is growing, he is unable to enjoy hiking, camping or any outdoor activities that are beyond smooth surfaces, leaving him home when his father and brother take on these adventures. Everyday mobility is becoming a challenge, he is getting too big to carry and his wheels simply can’t take him outside to hike and explore. Below is a link to the company who makes track chairs along with a link to our website. 


The ALL NEW NR is a perfect combination of narrow width (only 29 ½” wide) and the ability to stand upright from a seated position.  The NR will accommodate a person 45” to 65” tall and up to 175 pounds.  The unique design and adjustability will allow the NR to grow and change with you.Depending on your height, this chair could last from youth through adulthood Now you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities both seated or standing.The NR will allow its driver to move around in both the seated or standing position.  Many adventures will be had while driving the ALL NEW NR.

Make a donation to Levi’s Track Chair Wish!

Or, you can text 44-321 with the word “Levi” to start a donation from your phone!

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