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1 Circle of Friends (Monthly Giving) – Wishing Star Foundation
Circle of Friends!
Monthly Giving Program

Join our Circle of Friends and participate in a Monthly Giving contribution!

Wishing Star could not do the work that it does without the support of generous donors. There are many ways to give, and thanks to our monthly donors we are able to plan wishes for our Wish Kids year round!

Donations from our supporters are what help us grant Wishes, offer our Beyond the Wish program and assist with After the Wish if needed. 

Wishing Star Thank you (2)

Circle of Friends FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best way to donate?
We recommend signing up for your monthly donation through EFT (see above). This is the most convenient way to donate as you do not have to worry about contacting us with new card information when your credit card expires. By donating through EFT, it also saves Wishing Star a 2.65% credit card processing fee on each transaction, so more money goes directly to wishes.

Can I make my monthly donation in honor or in memory of someone?
Absolutely! When you join our Circle of Friends at the link above, it will ask you if you would like to make your donation in honor/memory of someone.

When will I receive a charitable tax receipt?
As a monthly donor, we will mail you a tax receipt in January of each year with your total contribution for the prior year.

How can I change my account or credit card information?
If you have any changes you would like to make, please call the Wishing Star office at (509) 744-3411 and we will be happy to help you.

How can I cancel my Circle of Friends monthly donation?
You can drop out of your monthly donation at any time by contacting Wishing Star at (509) 744-3411.

What are the different way I can pay for my monthly donation?

Here are a few ways!
1. Text 44-321 with the subject “wishmaker” This will allow you to start a donation right from your phone!

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): By authorizing your donation through EFT, your bank will automatically transfer your donation to the Wishing Star Foundation on your day of choice each month. This form of donation saves Wishing Star a 2.65% credit card processing fee.

3. Credit Card: Your credit card will be charged on your date of choice each month.

4. Invoice: We will invoice you each month and you can mail us a check.

Eli - Thank You Image - Donations
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