Christmas Giving Program

Christmas can be a very difficult time for some Wishing Star families. Whether they are struggling financially, don’t have time to shop because their child’s in the hospital receiving care or it’s the first Christmas since their child passed, Wishing Star wants to support them.  The way we do that is by finding sponsors who donate their time and/or support the families financially. This is the perfect way to give back this Holiday season! As a sponsor we ask for help with the shopping, gift wrapping and sometimes the delivery of the gifts. If you want to become a sponsor but don’t have time to shop or wrap – No problem! Wishing Star volunteers step up each year to help, so you can simply note on the application form that you will not be able to shop or wrap. Through the support of our Sponsors and Volunteers we can make the Holidays an amazing time of year for all of our Wish Families!

How can I get involved with Sponsoring a Wish Family for the holidays?

Each family receives a $100 donation for a family dinner and then $100 per person. The $100 per person breakdown is so that we can spend $50 on a practical gift and $50 towards a fun gift for each person. 

For example, if you look at a family of 4 people then the sponsorship would be $500 as it would be $100 per person plus the $100 in family dinner donation. 

Would you like to sponsor a wish family for the holidays?

Are you a Wish Family looking for assistance this holiday season?