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1 Board Members – Wishing Star Foundation

Board Members

John Henker

John Henker


Financial Advisor with Eagle Strategies LLC & New York Life Co. 

Joined Board of Directors in November 2015

John is a Financial Advisor with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser and a New York Life co.  John
loves to see a Wish Kid’s dream come true. He is proud to be surrounded by a dedicated board, staff and group of volunteers that work tirelessly to make wishes into realities!

Christie Vranich Board Picture

Christie Vranich

Vice Chair

Manager of Lending Solutions, BECU

Joined Board of Directors in 2019

Christie got involved with Wishing Star when she was part of the Leadership Spokane program. She volunteered with Wishing Star’s Taste Spokane and has been helping the foundation ever since. One of her favorite wish-granting memory is seeing how excited Dria was to have her own backyard playground where she could play without fear for her immune system. 

Richard Hendershot Board Pic

Richard Hendershot


Northwest Farm Credit Services

Joined Board of Directors in November 2014

Three Words to Describe Me
Amiable, giving, balanced.

Little Known Fact About Me
I continue to be a season ticket holder for Ohio State Football.

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Claire Zollars Wick


Corporate Accountant at the Clearwater Paper Corportation

Joined Board of Directors in August 2020

Claire first started with Wishing Star after a friend recommended the organization to her as she was looking for ways to get involved with the community. She has always enjoyed working with children and hoped that through an opportunity to serve she could make a difference in their lives. She found that her core values aligned with Wishing star and she knew it was a perfect match, As a Gonzaga University Alumni she fell in love with the city and felt lucky to be part of our amazing community! As our newest secretary she is a valued asset to our board. 


Kyle LaPierre


President, LaPierre Enterprises

Joined Board of Directors in 2013

After hearing about Wishing Star’s mission at a past Wishes & Wine event, Kyle knew he wanted to be a part this foundation. As a board member, he loves getting others involved with Wishing Star as well. He is passionate about spreading the Wishing Star message to help us grant as many wishes as possible. One of his favorite Wish memories is Sawyer’s trip to see the Dallas Cowboys.

Ulleland, Marva (5)

Marva Ulleland


VP of Operations, Insurance Services with Northwest Farm Credit Services

Joined Board of Directors in January 2015

Favorite Wishing Star Experience
It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I think for me, the most moving experience was being part of Joey’s last wish. Although this was not an official Wishing Star wish, it demonstrated to me that once a wish kid, always a wish kid, and the commitment this organization has for supporting these special kids and families forever.

Three Words to Describe Me
Passionate, caring, fun.

Little Known Fact About Me
Prior to joining NWFCS I worked in Pasco for Bank of Whitman also in insurance. I was an independent insurance agency for nearly almost 20 years prior to my soon to be four healthy little grandchildren. My hobbies include painting, wine and chocolate. I work hard and like things to be simple and fun.

Joel Adrian Board Pic

Joel Adrian


Marketing Associate, Sysco

Joined Board of Directors in 2019

Joel is passionate about family, both his own and the families impacted by Wishing Star. He joined the Wishing Star Board after hearing about all of the great wishes that have been granted in the past.


Theresa Petraszak


Stay-at-Home Mom

Joined Board of Directors in 2017

Theresa is passionate about the impact wishes have on families. Wishes provide lasting memories for families at a time when they need a bit of light in their lives. Theresa has been very involved with fundraising, particularly with Wishes & Wine and Send a Friend a Goat in Tri-Cities. Though she and her husband have moved away from Washington, Theresa is a dedicated member of the Wishing Star community and is an invaluable part of our team.

Gary Farrell picture

Gary Farrell


President, CEO, Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc.

Joined Board of Directors in January 2020

I have wanted to give back to our community since my family and I have been truly blessed with good health.

My favorite experience came when I had donated a lake flight tour at a Tastes Spokane event several years ago. The person who purchased the flight then donated it to a wish child and her mother. When Sari and her mom arrived for the flight, I could see the excitement on Sari’s face. When I lifted her from the wheel chair and placed her in the aircraft her smile and delight grew even more as our adventure began. The lake tour was scheduled to be a one hour flight but lasted two hours as she was having such a great time and did not want it to end. I will always remember her smile and the impact that the 2 hour flight made on her as she felt such freedom being out of her wheel chair and in the air flying. I want to help other wish children experience the same joy Sari felt and I look forward to being a part of more wishes in the future.


Katie Prugh


Director of Development and Marketing at The First Tee Southern Nevada

Joined Board of Directors in April 2020

Katie’s first exposure to Wishing Star was by attending Wishes & Wine Spokane in 2017. After being able to hear from Wish Families, Volunteers and Staff her husband Alex and she could not wait to become more involved as volunteers. Katie has a passion for children and nothing makes her happier than seeing how a wish can impact not only the life of a wish kid but the entire family as well. 


Julia Thatcher



Joined Board of Directors in May 2020

Julia first became involved with Wishing Star after volunteer during the “Send-A-Friend-A-Goat” campaign. Seeing the generous support, and true love for wish families is what has kept her coming back. 

Her favorite experience with Wishing Star has been seeing moments come together for the people they serve. Whether it’s a 16 year-old learning he’ll be a team captain for the Globetrotters, delivering essential items for families during COVID-19, or emceeing the Wishes & Wine Tri Cities, Wishing Star’s mission remains at the heart of it all; to foster hope, community and lasting memories. 

Clint Schroeder photo

Clint Schroeder


Regional Publisher @ North Idaho Newspapers & Hagadone Media Group

Joined Board of Directors in September 2020

Clint is our newest Board Member!

Legacy Board Members


Ed & Karen Kurowski

Legacy Board Members

Started the organization in 1983

Karen cashed in her existing 401K, bought tires for her car and went house to house, knocking on doors and soliciting for donations. It was a true grassroots effort to help children and their families facing these challenging life circumstances. In 1983, she and her husband Ed founded The Wishing Star Foundation to grant special wishes to terminally ill children.

Mark Schafer Board Picture

Mark Schafer

Legacy Board Member

Safeco Insurance Company

Joined Board of Directors in November 2008

Favorite Wishing Star Experience
As a wish dad, the unforgettable memory of my daughter Maddy’s ear to ear smile when she realized her wish of swimming with the dolphins.

Three Words to Describe Me
Integrity, approachable, respectful.

Little Known Fact About Me
I referee high school football.

Pam Cromer Board Pic

Pam Cromer

Legacy Board Member

Joined Board of Directors in July 2012

Pam believes in the power that a Wish has to change lives. Families don’t sign up for the challenges they face when their child has a life-threatening condition, and Wishing Star does all it can to help bring some relief to their situations. She finds every Wish rewarding and is passionate about Wishing Star’s commitment to families after the wish.

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