Ken and Jane

Our granddaughter was first diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor at age 2-1/2.  She was done with chemo at age 3.  That young child is now a beautiful girl of 12, who is active in school sports, tumbling, and a very healthy young lady!

We volunteer at Wishing Star because we believe in their mission and feel that recovery for children is helped by both excellent medical care and the child’s belief that their life can be fuller. The granting of wishes seems to help that attitude tremendously.  We also volunteer there because we feel we can help pay back Wishing Star for helping our granddaughter when she was suffering from cancer at such a young age. She truly enjoyed her trip to Disneyland and has many memorable pictures to remind her of her trip.

We love the staff and volunteers at Wishing Star, and how they sincerely believe in the mission and purpose of Wishing Star. We can see that they love working with the children and granting their wishes.

Anyone who is considering donating should know how hard the staff at Wishing Star work to get the most out of every dollar spent on wishes. If those donors could see the faces on the kids when they come in to the office and tell about their wish trips after they come back, they would see how much good their monthly donation can accomplish.

Quinn’s Story

Quinn has Mitochondrial Disorder, a disorder in the part of the cell that sustains energy and promotes growth. This illness has a very high fatality rate. Three year old Quinn’s wish was to go to San Diego to play in the warm water and ride in a helicopter! He and his family enjoyed a week of sunshine, warm water, a helicopter ride, swimming with dolphins and so much more!

“You know it’s not good news when your child’s neurologist calls you and is in tears,” said Quinn’s mother, Magdalena. “And when you have a kid who is that sick- who can go from playing in the backyard to needing to be in the emergency room in a matter of seconds, you start to narrow their world because you want to keep them safe. I can change a feeding tube in 30 seconds, I can manage medication lists, and I can argue with any medical personnel on the planet and not back down- what I had forgotten was how to have fun with my kids.”

“Every day of our trip we had this blue wish notebook. My kids called it the book of awesome because every single day was something new that was amazing and wonderful. When we came home we made a commitment as a family that we were going to carry on the lessons we learned during Quinn’s wish trip- to have fun together as a family. I want Quinn’s life to be a celebration, and our job is to love him until it’s time to let him go.”

“I really want to thank Wishing Star because they gave us a chance to play with Quinn and to really see him as not being a little boy with a collection of diagnoses, but as a person. Every moment with your kids is irreplaceable- it will never come back…I see a difference in Quinn, and I see a difference in all of my kids.”