Wishing Star Supports a Sense of Community 01 Jul

Wishing Star Supports a Sense of Community

One of the many troubling aspects of having a child diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is the feeling of isolation.

Depending on the scope of the illness, parents find themselves lost in a flurry of doctor’s appointments, medical consultations, physical therapy sessions and the never-ending task of wrapping their minds around their current situation. Friends and family struggle with finding ways to comfort their loved one, and the parents struggle with relating to those around them.

Maddie 4brightenedThen the day comes when the child is referred to Wishing Star. Through the loneliness and isolation, a beacon of light appears. The parents meet with people who understand, people who can nod knowingly when they express frustration, people who can sense the tears are coming and have a box of tissues ready. These supportive people aren’t just Wishing Star employees; they are other families who are going through (or have been in) similar circumstances. These supportive people provide one another with a sense of community.

Through private gatherings and public events, our wish grantees support each other. Many give back to Wishing Star in other ways, whether it be volunteering at events or attending our fundraisers. Many more stay in touch years after their wish has been fulfilled.

Kim, whose daughter Maddie received a wish several years ago, had this to say: “Our hearts and lives were touched so deeply by the Wishing Star staff’s generosity that they haveCookie Decorating become family. My husband now sits on the Wishing Star board. Our middle daughter, Cassie(pictured right), has helped with a summer program for Wishing Star in the past. Maddie’s journey certainly helped mold each of us into more caring, compassionate people desiring to reach out to help support others. Thank you to Wishing Star for all you did for Maddie and continue to do for our family.”

To read more about our Beyond the Wish program and how it helps our families, click here. To provide financial support to keep the sense of community alive, please make a secure online donation by clicking the button below.


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