“I wish to become a nurse…” 01 Jul

“I wish to become a nurse…”

In June 1985, sweet 5-year-old Jennifer was granted her wish to become a nurse. Having battled Cystic Fibrosis since birth, Jennifer grew up to admire the nurses who loved and took care of her everyday of her life. A volunteer hand-made Jennifer’s nurses outfit for her big day- a local nurse donated her own nurse’s cap for Jennifer to wear. An official “Capping ceremony” was held at a local college where Jennifer was given a bouquet of red roses and her very first patient to take care of- a teddy bear with a bandaged leg. Her mom, Carolyn, recently reached out to us and shared more about the impact Jennifer’s wish had on her young life. “From that day on she was “Nurse Jennifer- Pediatric Hostess.” It was her “job” to go and visit the new kids and show them around. She had a little red wagon in her room with her toys and she would take her wagon around and let the other kids have one of her toys. The nurses saw what she was doing and made sure that there were always toys in her wagon. Her doctor would call her at the hospital and ask her if she could do rounds with him and she would put on her nurses uniform and go with him as he checked on his young patients. Wishing Star made such a difference in her life. It is amazing where Wishing Star has gone since that day. Thank you!!!” Young Jennifer passed away in 1987, just 2 years after her wish was granted. What an amazing impact she had in this world!


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