The Journey of a Wish

Some people may wonder what exactly Wishing Star does and why we do it. In the weeks ahead, we will be posting five blogs answering these questions and providing real examples of our Wishing Star grantees.

Over the coming weeks, you’ll learn how Wishing Star:

• provides relief from everyday medical stresses,
• inspires hope for the future,
• offers a sense of community,
• improves the quality of life, and
• brings hope for fighting life-threatening illnesses.

Stay tuned, and thank you for supporting Wishing Star!



When you think of a wish, what first pops into your head? Maybe Barbara Eden in her harem costume, the opening credits of “Pinocchio,” or candles burning on a birthday cake. The point of the wish is always the same: When you make a wish, it will immediately come true. But Wishing Star’s wishes can take months or even years to come to fruition.

So, why isn’t wish fulfillment as easy as rubbing a lamp?

Because Wishing Star builds lasting relationships with wish kids and their families and orchestrates the wish over time. In short, a wish experience doesn’t begin when a family hands plane tickets to a gate agent. It starts months before and lasts well beyond that moment. The relationship we develop with wish kids and families while we plan their wish is what makes the Wishing Star experience so special.

wishing-star,sheldon-69When a child is referred to Wishing Star, it might be the first glimmer of hope and excitement that he or she has experienced in a long time. Once a child is added to our wish list, we arrange a visit at her home or hospital. This first meeting is all about getting to know the child and her family, and we ask questions about her dreams and passions. Sometimes a kid knows exactly what he wants, like Sheldon, who wanted to customize his truck. But other young people need some time to think about it. Whatever the situation, we give the child as much time and space as he needs to imagine his perfect wish.

Once a child has described all the details of her perfect wish, our orchestration begins. It can take months to arrange every detail. Then comes the day that the child’s wish is granted, but the experience has just begun. Our motto is “Once a wish family, always a wish family,” and we mean it! We welcome wish kids and their families at all of our “Beyond the Wish” events, stay in touch with annual birthday cards, and connect them with others we have served.
It’s true that we can’t grant a wish immediately, but we think it’s better this way. Would tossing a coin in a fountain result in a lifetime of friendship and support?

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