Current Wishes

If you can help with any of these wishes, please contact us at 509-744-3411.



Caleb, 11 years old, is battling Cerebral Palsy and Arnold-Chiari Malformation. He loves spending time with his family, playing video games, and hopes to own a Nintendo Switch in the near future. While he continues to grow, navigating his wheelchair though his home has become increasingly difficult for Caleb. His wish will likely involve home modifications that will increase his quality of life by enabling him to move more freely and increase his independence.


Jeremy is 20 years old. He is fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). He likes rap and hip hop music, playing soccer, and playing monopoly with his family. He is a student at EWU and is still deciding what his wish will be. Go Jeremy and Go Eags!


Kevin “Boomer” is 13 and dealing with Arnold-Chiari Malformation. He likes video games, Harry Potter, YouTube, and Buzz from YouTube is his favorite. He loves to fish and spend time with his family, so it looks like his wish will involve fishing somewhere tropical with his family, like Hawaii!


Eli is a very happy little boy that loves everyone! He is six years old and fighting against the effects of Hyrdocephalus and several other challenging circumstances.  Although his wish hasn’t been confirmed yet, we are excited to see him experience a wish that helps brighten his spirits and puts a huge smile on his face! 



Grant is 11 years old and he loves to read, play flag football and basketball, and swim. He also enjoys spending time and playing board games with his family. He is recovering from a brain tumor and several other challenging health conditions. We can’t wait to see what he wishes for!


Sarah is 9 years old and lives in Spokane with her family. Sarah was battling brain cancer and during her surgery it went all tragically wrong, she now requires care 24/7 by her family and nurses. Sarah is non verbal so when we visited with the family we looked at what we can do to help make caring for her easier in some way. They would like to have a Hot Tub for warm water therapy. We are working on making this wish come true. 


Matthew is all of 3 years old and full of life! This is Matthews story told by his mom ” Matthew has congenital muscular dystrophy SEPN1 this causes him to suffer from hypotonia, a severely weak neck, rigid spine, breathing difficulties, and eating challenges. Eventually he will need to use a motorized chair. His lungs will also become weaker. He already uses 3 different machines to improve / maintain his lung function”. He loves the show Umi Zoomi and his favorite movies are the Incredibles, Shrek and Despicable Me. His favorite food is pizza! We visited with Matthew and it has been decided that we will re-visit his wish when he is 5 years old. He has no idea what a wish is so we are giving him time to get a bit older to make the decision.  


Please keep Jayda’s family, friends and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers, as she was unable to overcome her battle against osteosarcoma in December 2017.  She was 18 years old and lived in Ephrata, WA.  She was very involved in soccer, basketball and track and had accepted a soccer scholarship to play for Walla Walla Community College.  By all accounts, Jayda was an amazing young lady and will be missed by many.  We will work with her family at a later date to see how her wish can live on.


Dulcemaria is 13 years old and live in Pasco, WA. She has Diabeties Type 1 and is legally blind. She likes pop and hip hop music. Dulcemaria enjoys swimming with her family. She wishes to have a Quinceañera this summer!


We are excited to introduce Gabe, just as soon as he gets settled in. Stay tuned to hear his story!


Please welcome Logan (19yrs) to Wishing Star. He is battling a rare form of T-Cell lymphoblastic lymphoma and is currently in the high risk protocol and may need a bone marrow transplant. Logan likes rap music and his favorite cartoon is Sponge Bob! He enjoys tennis, skiing and skateboarding and playing frisbee golf. His wish is to watch the U.S. Tennis Open!


This is Ella who is 18 years old and lives in Spokane. She is battling metastatic ewings sarcoma. She just graduated from high school and now has put college on hold until she is finished with her treatments. Her favorite music is Indie Rock and Acoustic. Ella loves the G.U. basketball team and the Seahawks! She also wrote that she loves education because she enjoys learning and stretching her brain. Once her treatment  slows down and she is feeling better we will visit and see what she wishes for!



Wish List

Our goal is to get 50% of every wish in-kinded (donated). To do this, we need help from businesses and individual donors! If you’d like to help grant a wish by donating directly to it, below is a list of items we are currently in need of.  If you can help with any of these items, please contact our Program Director, Andrea Kilgore at 509-744-3411 or by email at

  • Airline Miles: for upcoming travel wishes.
  • Hotel Points: for upcoming travel wishes.
  • Vacation Rentals for families on wish trips.
  • Gas cards
  • Car Rentals
  • Activities for travel (plane rides and car rides)