Current Wishes

If you can help with any of these wishes, please contact our Program Director- Veronica Smet, at 509-744-3411.



Cienna is 19 years old and lives in Benton City Washington. She has congenital heart defects and congenital Scoliosis. She has thought long and hard about what she wants to wish for…she has decided to visit Zion National Park!



This is Callie, she is 3 years old and has been battling ewings sarcoma. She loves tea parties, singing with her daddy, Disney characters,  princesses and playing outside. Her wish is to see all the princesses at Disney World!



Kurt is 7 yeas old and has FOP~fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva which is one of the rarest most disabling genetic conditions.  He loves to play basketball, soccer, baseball and go swimming! We visited with Kurt and talked about some wishes, one being a warm water therapy pool. This would help Kurt with mobility and soothe his sore body.



Nicholas is 18 years old and lives in Spokane. He has been battling medulloblastoma (cancer in the brain).  He loves heavy metal and playing computer games! His wish is to have a gaming laptop to enjoy all of his video games. His goal is to attend college once his treatments are done,  he will be able to use the computer at college too.



We are happy to welcome John into our Wishing Star Family! He is 21 years old and has meulloblastoma (brain cancer). John is a twin, he likes going camping with his family, listening to music,and he loves the Seahawks! John competes in Special Olympics where he participates in basketball and track. John wishes to go to Disney World or Disney Land where he can see the Pirates of the Caribbean!


Owen lives in Spokane and is 6 years old. Owen has 5-Q deletion. He can see lights and dark and is considered legally blind but he can hear! His favorite thing to do is to hang out with his parents and two sisters at home. We cant wait to meet him and see what kind of wish that would be best for him. 


Trevor is almost 5 years old and  lives in Coeur D’Alene Idaho. He has dopa-responsive dystonia with developmental disabilities. He loves to swim and play at the beach with cars, trains and trucks! Trevor wishes to go to Florida!  


Casey is 19 years old and live in Spokane. He is batteling germinoma (brain tumors). Casey enjoys Country Music, Harry Potter, Baseball, Hunting and Fishing. He is currently in Seattle finishing up the last of his treatments there. We will soon be meeting up with Casey to see what he wishes for! 


Will update as soon as we get a picture 😉


Will update as soon as we get a picture 😉



Wish List

Our goal is to get 50% of every wish in-kinded (donated). To do this, we need help from businesses and individual donors! If you’d like to help grant a wish by donating directly to it, below is a list of items we are currently in need of.  If you can help with any of these items, please contact our Program Director, Veronica Smet at 509-744-3411 or by email at

  • Airline Miles: for upcoming travel wishes.
  • Hotel Points: for upcoming travel wishes.
  • Gas cards
  • Car Rentals
  • Activities for travel (plane rides and car rides)


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